How To Get Everything You Need For Your Mission In Less Than A Week

Saturday, November 15, 2014

To begin here is a link to the PDF file of my entire packing list (click here), hope you find this helpful!

I live in Panama Right now...

Which you might have noticed is VERY far away from Switzerland, where I will be serving my mission.

The temperature this MORNING when I woke up was in the low 80's (thats high 20's for those of you out there that don't speak Amurican). *but I'm not complaining.

So it's safe to say that there is NOT a lot of cold weather clothing options. 
There is however a lot of clothes like this:

mmmm, $2.99 zebra leggings, not exactly the style I'm going for.

This is why I spent all last week in Utah. That does however leave a bit of a challenge - getting everything you need for a mission in less that 7 days. 


Here's everything I'm bringing with me all packed up. 

25" (50lb size) luggage number 1
(clothes, winter boots, and winter coats)

luggage number 2
(toiletries, study materials, flats, sleeping stuff)

duffel carry-on and purse

Each large size under-carry luggage weighs under 50 lbs with everything packed in it, the carry-on duffel is empty, and the purse has only a few things in it. (tip: they almost never weigh your carry-on, so if you are having weight troubles, put all your books in your carry-on!) I have enough space to add the books I'll receive in the MTC, plus the blow dryer and curler I'll buy when I get to Germany, AND whatever other things I want to bring home... like swiss chocolate.

Here was my strategy (for a cold-climate mission), plus some things I wish I would have known before I started.


There are obviously a million different color schemes you can choose from, but for a very functional mix-and-match wardrobe, pick a base color that all your shoes will be in (black, brown, navy blue, and grey are good examples). If EVERY shoe you have matches EVERY outfit, you have fewer limitations, and you need a lot less shoes.

I chose black as my base color (it's chic, always in style, and most importantly easy to shop for), and burgundy is my favorite color. Then I added pale blue, cream, and even a bright red so that my very fall-colored-wardrobe can work in all seasons. (see pictures of my whole wardrobe by clicking here)


Good quality skirts are hard to find, especially missionary appropriate ones. So, get the skirts first, and worry about shirts and jackets and accessories later. I got 6 out of 10 skirts at Mikarose in the Provo City Mall (click here), I highly recommend them. It's Okay to buy more than you need, then, when you have more of your wardrobe put together, return the skirts and things that just don't go with all your other stuff (I returned 2 skirts and 3 cardigans).


Shirts are the fun and easy part. Keep in mind layering for seasons. Add cardigans, and a few nicer jackets so that when you need to dress up a little, you can. Remember, only get stuff that works with your base color. 


Scarves, gloves, jewelry, socks, all the fun stuff. And a good quality missionary purse that is the right size for you. I was going to get black (and I recommend getting your purse in your base color) but since I already had a lot of black in my wardrobe, I decided on getting a purse in an accent color, to contrast all the dark colors in my wardrobe.


These you can get whenever. Walmart is open 24 hours ;) Go wild.

...a note about patterns

everybody loves patterns, but they are a lot harder to mix and match than solids are. A few possible solutions: 

-Get only a few. (what I did)

-Get solid skirts and shirts, but patterned accessories (like scarves, a purse, and a coat). 

-Get patterned skirts and solids everything else. Or vise versa.

-Get a few patterns and carefully mix and match. If you are mixing patterns, make sure one is much larger than the other. 

-Become a fashion genius and rock a mixed print outfit like AWESOME Sister Bagley did (click here).

I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment! What would you add to the packing list? Do you have any great tips for setting up a sister missionary wardrobe? Do you know of any sister who have a great wardrobe and have posted pictures anywhere? Any questions for me?

Hopes this helps,

Sister Flick


  1. You're such a doll.
    I'm entirely flattered!


  2. You must have some of your mother's genes in you being able to pack all that in just 2 suitcases.


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