Sister Missionary Complete Packing List - With Pictures (Part 2)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hey beautiful readers! Here is the link for part 1 of my sister missionary complete packing list with pictures (click here) if you haven't already seen it. Part 2 covers all the clothes I will be bringing. I had a lot of fun making it and hope you can find it helpful!

     A note about sister missionary clothes first. I know that your wardrobe is NOT the most important thing when it comes to preparing for your mission, and like Sister Stucki says (click here for her awesome blog), you will worry about your clothes for about 2 and a half weeks... and then REAL missionary work/worries set in.

THE MOST IMPORTANT way to prepare for a mission is to prepare SPIRITUALLY. (Go on splits with sisters, pray, A LOT, read your scriptures, read Preach My Gospel...)


Right now, clothes and what to pack is one of the few things I have a lot of control over at the moment. I couldn't choose where I am going or what language I will be speaking, or when I'm leaving etc. I don't know who my companions will be or a lot about what to expect or how to be a missionary or how to teach the gospel or how to explain the Plan of Salvation. Its nerve racking, and very exciting. But, what I CAN do right now, is make sure that I make a good first impression by looking my best. 

I can handle that.

Plus its fun.

(I don't have photoshop or anything fancy... so this is my best shot at trying to edit together pictures of the clothes that I packed, excuse the random grey backgrounds.)

Skirts (10)
one is not pictured here, it is a midi length black pencil skirt with pockets similar to the one in the picture, but more structured (the one in the picture is jersey).
I got 6 skirts at Mikarose (click here), I highly recommend them!
I aimed at getting 8, (and got 10), and all of them do not wrinkle badly, are pretty sturdy, not see-through, and are good for various types of weather.

Sweaters (3)
all from old navy
Long Sleeve Shirts (3)
Since I'm going to a colder mission, you'd think that I would have more of these than short sleeve, but I like to layer with jackets, so I only choose three, plus I am a really warm person, and like the option of layers so that I can adjust from outside to inside temperatures. All three were on sale at The Loft Outlet.

Chiffon Shirts (4)
I love these! I got a wonder tee from DownEast in burgundy that goes well under all four of these semi-see through shirts.
The shirts are from Banana Republic, Old Navy, and DownEast.

Short Sleeve Shirts (9)
Most are from Banana Republic Outlet and Target. I choose colors that would compliment the skirts I bought. And all shirts had to match with at least 6 skirts.  Not all of these shirts I bought new.

Jackets (5)
2 cardigans
2 nicer structured jackets
I love these because they make any t-shirt and skirt combo
into a put-together outfit
Extra Shirts (3)
A thin athletic shirt, a DownEast wonder tee, and a BYU tee.

Scarves (4)
They layer well and make any outfit look more put together. I am bringing 4 with me, all are good for different types of weather. Scarves are fun and easy to shop for, so bring less than you want, so that you have something fun to shop for on your mission. They make a great souvenir.
(from H&M, Target, and BlueNotes)

Cold Weather Accessories
Tights (thin ones, thick ones, fleece lined ones. I will need more I'm sure)
(H&M and Target)

Items not photographed
Pj bottoms
2 pairs of lounge around/athletic pants

Here is the link to Part 1 of my packing list, and here is the link to my packing list as a pdf file.

I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment :)
Hope this helps,


Sister Flick

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  1. Loved doing all the shopping! Plus you were very strategic about buying all your skirts first!


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